Ok….how many mothers out there buy not only their mother’s, but also their mother in law’s Mother’s Day gifts?  Then…how many of you wind up buying your own Mother’s Day gift?  OR how many of us go out with the intention of getting gifts and then go “hmm one for them and one for me?”  Well, this is the time for some SPRING BLING and Mariana jewelry is where you should start.  Mariana jewelry is made in Israel and each piece is a gorgeous colorful combination of crystals.  You can keep it simple with a single stone earring, or go all out with an intricate mosaic crystal bracelet or neckpiece.  There is something for everyone in this collection — and each of our stores has a wicked cool selection. Come check it out!

About Jean Smith

Jean Smith and her husband Jay own and operate Sense of Wonder -- a wickedly cool specialty retail store located in downtown Andover. Jean is a proud parent of Emily (22) and Rachael (19) two fabulously cheeky and wonderful daughters. She is a rabid softball mom; recovering lawyer; spinning addict; incessant emailer, soon to be maniac blogger; and chronic non-sleeper...
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