sense of wonder circle logoSense of Wonder features creative selections of  jewelry, artwork, furnishings, and accessories. Part gift store, part gallery, part boutique, our store appeals to shoppers who appreciate unique merchandise.  We purchase most of our products directly from the artists and craftspeople who make them.  That sets us apart from most specialty retailers.

Our retail journey began in 1995 when we jettisoned our corporate jobs and opened the original Sense of  Wonder location in downtown Reading. After a couple of moves, openings, and closings, we are happily settled in downtown Andover.

Along with our staff, we will happily assist you find just the right jewelry for a special occasion, choose colors for an important room accessory, or select a gift for the person who has everything.  We are proud of the artists we represent and the quality and value of the merchandise we sell.  Come see.  You will not be disappointed.

Shopping at Sense of Wonder has become a tradition for many families and we are amazed at how quickly the years have passed.  When we opened the first Sense of Wonder store our daughter Emily was a toddler.  She is out of college, worked in New York for a bit, and has returned to Massachusetts to a job she loves. Rachael — born during our very first year as retailers — has just completed her freshman year in college.  When they were younger, Emily and Rachael begged to visit Sense of Wonder so they could marvel at all the pretty things.  Now, we are the ones encouraging their visits, as we appreciate their extra sets of helping hands during busy times.

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  1. Carter Hubbard says:

    Are you all still in business? Where can I get our annual 2022 calendars?


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