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bagstuffer single pageFrom now through December 19 we will be collecting your donations of new women’s bathrobes, pajamas, and slippers — all to benefit women served by Lazarus House Ministries.  We started this donation tradition in 2007 when we first opened our store in North Andover.  We wanted to do something special for the holidays and during conversations with Lazarus House staff we learned that moms staying with their children at Lazarus House shelters during December worry most about how they are going to provide their kids with holiday presents. We want to provide these moms with something nice too.  The “wish list” includes new warm bathrobes, nightgowns or pajamas, and slippers of all sizes.  Donations can be dropped at our Andover store during store hours. (Mon-Sat 10-5,  Thurs evenings til 7, or Sunday 12 to 5).  We will have a kickoff reception on Thursday as part of the Downtown Holiday Stroll.  Join us for refreshments, promotions, and a benefit raffle.  We will donate all raffle proceeds to Lazarus House to help with last minute holiday gifts for its clients.  


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I know. I know. Clothing stores have had their fall/winter sweaters out for months.  Not us. In or around September each year, customers start asking me when “the sweaters” will get here.  “The sweaters” are sweaters and tunics designed by Margaret Winters and WE JUST GOT OUR FIRST SHIPMENT IN. They are made in New York, 100% cotton, the fit is interesting and stylish — generous but not “tent-like”–  and the colors are fabulous.  Margaret’s pieces can easily be dressed up or dressed down.   Washable and dryable.  Colorfast.  I hesitated before I loaded the pictures because ….honestly….pictures do not nearly do them justice.  Seeing is believing. Buying one will get you hooked.  Really.  Prices range from $80 to $125.  Be warned, these items don’t last in our store very long.


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Wishing Ball or Gratitude Globe

PicMonkey CollageI love when we get new things in our store!  This handblown orb is a piggybank for storing wishes, dreams, blessings, and thank you’s.  WISHING BALL?  GRATITUDE GLOBE?  It can be either or both.  Write a message of hope or gratitude on the little tab sheet, roll it up, focus attention (and intention!) on what you wrote, then tuck the paper inside.

These unusual orbs make beautiful gifts.  Each comes with a little 52 page notepad.  Given at a baby or bridal shower, each guest could write a wish for the guest of honor.  Alternatively, they could be personal and private — pause once a week for a whole year and note how much you have to be grateful for.

Each wishing ball/gratitude globe is handblown in Rhode Island, is approximately 4 inches tall by 3 or so inches round, and comes with a notepad and a card that tells its story.  Assorted colors.  $34 each

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What’s a spirit rattle?

PicMonkey CollageOne of my go to gifts?  Raku inner spirit rattles…perfect for when you want to slow down, count your blessings, and bring calm to your day.  They are the perfect tools for helping us to pause long enough to appreciate what we have in our lives and for reminding us that no matter what chaos life may bring, it is in the quiet stillness that we can truly give thanks and show appreciation. An inner Spirit Rattle fits in the palm of your hand.   You will feel an instant emotional connection to its beauty, its texture, and its small size, but it is the music you’ll make with it that may nurture your strongest connection. A grateful heart is a healthy heart. Think gratitude when you see an inner Spirit Rattle. Feel gratitude when you hold one. Spread gratitude when you shake it.  Available in many styles, giftboxed with a giftcard.  $24.PicMonkey Collage2

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HERE COMES THE SUN! It’s SUMMER. We are trotting out brighter colors, garden items, and jewelry that will make you want to grab a sunhat and sit outside.  We can’t wait to share our fabulous new finds with you.  HOORAY!

Here’s one of the more unusual new offerings at our stores:    A Spoonk mat!


Huh? It may look scary, kinda like a bed of nails, but it works. The Spoonk acupressure massage mat is an innovative wellness tool.  It resembles a yoga mat, but has over 6,000 plastic spike pressure points which stimulate nerve endings to increase circulation.  Based on shiatsu massage principles, the Spoonk helps relieve muscle tension and pain, boosts energy levels, and provides a sense of calm and relaxation that markedly improves sleep.  Not kidding.  At first it may be daunting to lie down on the Spoonk, but once you do, your body relaxes so much you just might drift off to sleep.  Dr. Oz loves it.  Oprah loves it.  We love it. Spoonks come in a number of fun organic cotton colors. $60.


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  • Thursday 10-7
  • Friday and Saturday 10-6
  • Sunday 12-6
  • Monday 10-8
  • Tues 10-4 

All that having been said, we usually work way past closing time so if you are running late and would like us to stay for you, just call. It is usually not a problem…except for christmas eve when we do our best to turn out the lights at 4. hope to see you!

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givingFor the last five years, Sense of Wonder has coordinated a sleepwear donation drive to benefit women staying in Lazarus House shelters during the holidays.  When we started this program, we really had no idea how much of an impact we would make.  Mom’s staying in shelters over the holidays are single minded about their needs — they want to make sure that their children have a merry Christmas.  We want to make sure these moms receive something nice too. 

Our wish list for this year includes warm bathrobes, nightgowns or pajamas, and slippers of all sizes.  We will collect donations at both our stores through the end of the year.  Donations  that come in before December 18 will be packaged up and delivered to Lazarus House in time for Xmas distribution.  Donations that come in later will be part of a second delivery to Lazarus House in early January.  We  look forward to  piles of pajamas in our stores!  Donors will receive a small thank you gift from us.  Join us as we help others.  This is what community businesses are all about.

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It’s a Match!


So, the moore things change the moore they stay the same.  I blog poetic about Bella Bella Arts and my amazing BFF/Twin/Soul-sister Lara Moore HERE and then she blogs about Sense of Wonder HERE.  We are a match made in heaven us two 🙂


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