First Blog Post Evah! Connecting With Our Inner Blogger

After years of procrastinating, we will attempt this blog thing.  I will try to post regularly, to entertain you with my rapier wit, and to do whatever else may be necessary to blogify Sense of Wonder.   Within reason.  Yes, it is about time we joined the blog club.  Hopefully, this will keep you updated about cool new stuff we have in our stores,  special events, gift-buying tips, and probably more information about us than you really want to know.  I’m told blogging is like keeping a business diary.  For the whole world potentially to read.  With pictures.  Yikes. So much for the lock and key and the hiding place under my bed.  It will not surprise you to learn that, for the most part, the “I” blogger here is Jean Smith a/k/a “Mrs. Wonder.”  The chances of Mr. Wonder blogging? Slim to none.  So, must I promise to behave?

Storefront --- North Andover location

“a wicked cool store for gifts and lots more”

Seriously? It took us 15 years to come up with that tagline? That’s the best I can do to describe our retail store?  Actually, I prefer: “Sense of Wonder is the kind of store you see on vacation…you wander around, marvel at all the beautiful artsy stuff, take it all in, and realize you can’t leave until you get the perfect something to remind you of your time away.  Except — Sense of Wonder isn’t in a resort town.  Instead, it’s in your own neighborhood, and you can visit anytime you need a special gift or want to treat yourself.”  Yup, that’s how I would describe Sense of Wonder.  But that won’t fit on our business card.


About Jean Smith

Jean Smith and her husband Jay own and operate Sense of Wonder -- a wickedly cool specialty retail store located in downtown Andover. Jean is a proud parent of Emily (22) and Rachael (19) two fabulously cheeky and wonderful daughters. She is a rabid softball mom; recovering lawyer; spinning addict; incessant emailer, soon to be maniac blogger; and chronic non-sleeper...
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7 Responses to First Blog Post Evah! Connecting With Our Inner Blogger

  1. Ky says:

    It *is* a little long for a business card, but it sure is accurate! Congrats on all the updates, the new store, everything. Can’t wait to drag you out for coffee (if you need caffeine) or wine (if you need to chill)!


  2. Judy says:

    I’m looking forward to having you back in Reading. Given my office is upstairs from your new location, my husband isn’t quite as excited. See you soon. Judy


  3. Patrick says:

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