See?  In addition to “facebooking,” “tweeting,”  and “blogging,” I am now learning to embrace my inner graphic designer.  Kinda makin it up as i go along.  Fits and starts.  Getting there.  

We’ve been in Andover a month now.  What a nice reception from new business neighbors, customers, and browsers.  Starting to feel settled.  Making new friends.  So excited about new merchandise in both stores and getting ready for the holiday season.  Thanks to the ANDOVER PATCH and Cindy Bernstein for the nice article about our new store.  You can see it HERE

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Shop at our Reading Store This Week and Support Creative Arts

Sense of Wonder is happy to be participating in Creative Arts Shopping Extravaganza which began last week and lasts through the end of the month.  Shop at our Reading Store this week, mention you support the arts, and we will donate a percentage of your sale to Creative Arts.  We will hold a special in-store raffle and all ticketholders will automatically also be entered in Creative Arts Grand Prize Restaurant Raffle.  Week 2 participants are shown below.  Check out Creative Arts’  website for more information about this month long program.

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HOORAY.  We did it. Opened the doors Saturday.  A few kinks, but we figured things out on the fly.  People seemed excited.  We opened quietly…now we gotta update the website, the voicemail, let our customers know….no biggee.  All happening this week…..Stay tuned.

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IT’S OFFICIAL: SENSE of WONDER Andover opens Saturday!

Andover store sneak peak

OK, I hit the send button so it is official. SENSE OF WONDER Andover opens Saturday….HAHA Now I have to tell my husband I just told the world.  Opening Saturday….like less than 48 hours from now?  Sleep? Who needs sleep?  Our new store is pretty visible in downtown Andover.  We are located at 27 Main Street, directly across from Old Town Hall and diagonally across from Starbux (where i get my caffeine IV drip). We are not 100% ready, but 92% is good enough….Hey, my high school volleyball playing daughter has an all day scrimmage event at Andover High School on Saturday, should I hire me a shuttle bus? LOL 

PLEASE VISIT! I can’t wait to get up and running in Andover. Say hello..If you don’t recognize me, i will be the one slumped in the corner with toothpicks in her eyes.  But make no mistake — my earrings will be WICKED FABULOUS!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…..AN ANDOVER STORE!

Summer?  What summer?  We are building a store!

Completely moved out of our North Andover location….PLEASE let those customers hoping to find us there learn about our move to Andover.  PLEASE help us out by spreading the word. 

Andover is coming along….cabinets installed, walls plastered, everything painted, carpet in, computers are coming along, and electrical almost done.  Not too bad for 4 weeks.  We are still on target to open at the end of August.  All the exciting grand opening news…we will let u know as soon as we figure it out!

we are moving along

And, oh yeah, we are havin a SALE.  We’ve been organizing inventory, weeding through piles, and making changes.  The upshot?  We have extra stuff.  Odds and ends, discontinued styles, and slightly dinged things.  What to do?  Put it on sale.  We have moved all of that extra stuff to our Reading store and priced it to move.  40% off….there’s lots of jewelry, and statues, and artwork.  Candles, and scarves, and lotions.  Come check it out.  Please note:  Reading is closed on Mondays; store hours are Tues thru Saturday 10-5 but Thursday is late night…we are there til 7.

More updates coming……

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The Next Chapter: MOVING DAY…..Building in Andover

I hate moving.  I hate boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. Big time.  We moved out of North Andover over the weekend.  14 hour days.  UGH.  Moving a store is a nightmare.  We are beyond exhausted but it is done!

Now we build.  Our contractors have demolished the inside of the new downtown Andover space to reveal awesome floor to ceiling windows — and the store has brightened considerably with all the exposed glass.  What a bonus…..So, we are onto the next chapter…..our best guess is six weeks til opening day in Andover.  

In the meantime, we have beefed up our Reading inventory and welcome our “northern” customers to shop with us in Reading until we open.  FYI Reading is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10 to 5 and Thursday evenings we stay open until 7pm.  STAY TUNED FOR MORE NEWS ABOUT OUR ANDOVER PROGRESS.

see the walrus?  that guy has been with us since october of 1995 when we opened our first store.  he never sold.  now we have a $9000 price tag on him and won’t part with the guy (ok, i lie, if some crazy loon was willing fo fork over $9000 i certainly would sell him).  There he is in our empty north andover store….and there’s the new store he’s about to live in.  i would have taken his picture in the new store but he is somewhere in a box….an unlabeled box….one of the hundreds of unlabeled boxes….i started out so organized….then we got short on time….unpacking will probably be just as hellacious.  if you hear primal screaming in andover center over the next few weeks…YUP, it’s me.  🙂


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Seriously? Didn’t we just open a new store?  Never a dull moment here.  Our North Andover store lease expires at the end of the month and we are relocating to Andover.  This move has been in the works for awhile and we are very excited about it. Finally finished the paperwork this week so now we can announce the news.

We are taking over the old Stride Rite space on Main Street in Andover Center.

It’s not easy to move a store.  We gotta build the new one and that’s time consuming.  Our plan is to move out of our current space and start demolition/construction of the new space immediately.  We are ambitious and hope to get up and rolling in 4 to 6 weeks.  Our Reading store is going strong so for “gift emergencies” or if you just can’t wait for a new pair of cool earrings, come visit us in Reading.

There will be lots of details to come….just gotta get the word out!!  Can’t wait to be downtown.

and u all wonder why i don’t sleep….


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Ok….how many mothers out there buy not only their mother’s, but also their mother in law’s Mother’s Day gifts?  Then…how many of you wind up buying your own Mother’s Day gift?  OR how many of us go out with the intention of getting gifts and then go “hmm one for them and one for me?”  Well, this is the time for some SPRING BLING and Mariana jewelry is where you should start.  Mariana jewelry is made in Israel and each piece is a gorgeous colorful combination of crystals.  You can keep it simple with a single stone earring, or go all out with an intricate mosaic crystal bracelet or neckpiece.  There is something for everyone in this collection — and each of our stores has a wicked cool selection. Come check it out!

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Did I Really Tell an Online Newspaper that My Nickname is “MRS WONDER?”

Will I ever learn?  Yes, I called myself Mrs Wonder and, yes, now i will never hear the end of it.  Thanks to Reading Patch for publishing a great on-line article about our store’s return to downtown Reading.  And don’t forget that tomorrow is another SHOP LOCAL day in Reading.  To encourage downtown shopping Sense of Wonder will be running the following one-day only specials:

  • All magnetic clasp beaded jewelry 15% off
  • Buy 3  Australian Natural Soaps and get a fourth one for FREE
  • Henrietta Glass blown glass vases, ringholders, and wine bottlestoppers 15% off

CLICK HERE to read the wicked cool PATCH story

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Jewelry Trunk Show — Fabulous!

Tonight (thursday) is the night.  Another Echo/Mars &Valentine jewelry trunk show.  I’m waiting for the pieces to arrive; should be here in an hour or so. I’ve previewed the collection and it looks amazing. Twice a year we showcase this mother/daughter design team and each show is better than the one before.  Tonight these pieces are 20% off.   A show like this allows us to display a selection that we would never be able to otherwise.  Totally worth the trip, no lie. 


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