top photoIt was the best Saturday ever.  A few weeks ago I reconnected with Lara Moore – one of my favorite artists of all time.  Lara’s work is amazing and you’ve seen it in our stores for years. If you are familiar with Lara’s work you know exactly what I mean.  If you are not, here’s a hint.  MOD-PODGE.  Remember MOD-PODGE?? Think of it all grown up and fabulous.  I can’t really explain how she does it, but with some magical combination of wood, hand cut paper, shiny resin, and genius, Lara creates unique tables, mirrors, and wall art — The kinds of pieces you work a room around, love forever, and fight over in divorce.  The kinds of pieces we are happy and proud to be featuring at Sense of Wonder.

BELLA ROAD TRIP!  Last Saturday, Lara was in Massachusetts delivering what had to be the largest, most beautiful dining table I have ever seen.  It is a massive 72 inches around — I pictured wicked cool knights around it — an iconic Bella Bella piece on extraordinary steroids.  Apparently it would have cost a gabillion dollars to ship and insure so Lara grabbed a friend and a comically huge rental truck and hit the road.

On the way, Lara stopped by our store.  I had mentioned that we had lots of Bella Bella tables in stock but not enough wall pieces so Laura graciously invited me to trade some of my older pieces for updated new ones.  (Did i mention i love her?).  So in one whirlwind hour of hugging, wrapping, manic talking, lifting, moving, picture taking, and more hugging, we swapped some of our older Bella pieces for fabulously updated new ones.

We had a blast.  Lara and I share the same quirky, whacky, whirling dervish personality.  We decided that if she ever lived close by we would get in lots of fun trouble together!  My mission now is to get one of our customers to order some humongously large Bella Bella piece so she will return.

Speaking of custom Bella Bella pieces, we will soon have a new Bella Bella look/order book so customers can visualize hundreds of Bella Bella design combinations AND we will be offering Lara’s pieces ON OUR WEBSITE.

So…at the “risk” of having you charge into our store to take a look, here are some examples of Lara’s mah-vel-ous work.

store picscustom pic

About Jean Smith

Jean Smith and her husband Jay own and operate Sense of Wonder -- a wickedly cool specialty retail store located in downtown Andover. Jean is a proud parent of Emily (22) and Rachael (19) two fabulously cheeky and wonderful daughters. She is a rabid softball mom; recovering lawyer; spinning addict; incessant emailer, soon to be maniac blogger; and chronic non-sleeper...
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