IT’S OFFICIAL: SENSE of WONDER Andover opens Saturday!

Andover store sneak peak

OK, I hit the send button so it is official. SENSE OF WONDER Andover opens Saturday….HAHA Now I have to tell my husband I just told the world.  Opening Saturday….like less than 48 hours from now?  Sleep? Who needs sleep?  Our new store is pretty visible in downtown Andover.  We are located at 27 Main Street, directly across from Old Town Hall and diagonally across from Starbux (where i get my caffeine IV drip). We are not 100% ready, but 92% is good enough….Hey, my high school volleyball playing daughter has an all day scrimmage event at Andover High School on Saturday, should I hire me a shuttle bus? LOL 

PLEASE VISIT! I can’t wait to get up and running in Andover. Say hello..If you don’t recognize me, i will be the one slumped in the corner with toothpicks in her eyes.  But make no mistake — my earrings will be WICKED FABULOUS!

About Jean Smith

Jean Smith and her husband Jay own and operate Sense of Wonder -- a wickedly cool specialty retail store located in downtown Andover. Jean is a proud parent of Emily (22) and Rachael (19) two fabulously cheeky and wonderful daughters. She is a rabid softball mom; recovering lawyer; spinning addict; incessant emailer, soon to be maniac blogger; and chronic non-sleeper...
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2 Responses to IT’S OFFICIAL: SENSE of WONDER Andover opens Saturday!

  1. chris says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Andover is so lucky to have you, but your customers from both locations already know that. Congratulations!!


  2. Ky says:

    Hooray! I can’t wait to see it finished the next time I’m in town. Best of luck!


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