A Little Retail Therapy?

We got thru January.  Ok, so it took us over a month to close our 2011 books, inventory our merchandise, and generally recover from the holiday season. TWO STORES.  How quickly we had forgotten how much work that is, especially during the holidays.  Thanks to all our fabulous employees including both Smith kids — Emily and Rachael — who put in countless hours at the cash register, wrapping gifts, and behind the scenes — sometimes when they were supposed to be in school. 🙂

A Little Retail Therapy?

So far winter 2012 has been strangely non-winter like.  Instead of being buried in snow, we are buried in boredom.  What better pick-me-up than a little “retail therapy?”  Therapy of the retail sort does not have to break the bank.  Here are a few quick fixes around $20:

 Art Glass Nail Files: Art glass nail files are as functional as they are beautiful. Made of tempered Czech glass and embellished with dichroic art glass handcrafted by Oregon artists; with reasonable care they will last a lifetime.  $16

OM’s: OMs are individually hand sculpted gnome-looking little clay creatures with scrunched up caps.  Each whimsical OM has a story and a positive personality to go with it.  Meant to be given, OMs are forever reminders of the connection you have with the person you gave it to – giving one is like sharing a special, wonderful secret.  OMs are designed to remind us that we are all connected.  $18 – $25.  (for more OM info, check out OM’s  “We Are All Connected” BLOG )

Handwarmer Mugs: Ever warm your hands around a cup of coffee?  Well, this ergonomically designed mug makes it so easy to do.  Handmade in Oregon, these mugs are lead-free, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.  Available right and left-handed.  $20.


About Jean Smith

Jean Smith and her husband Jay own and operate Sense of Wonder -- a wickedly cool specialty retail store located in downtown Andover. Jean is a proud parent of Emily (22) and Rachael (19) two fabulously cheeky and wonderful daughters. She is a rabid softball mom; recovering lawyer; spinning addict; incessant emailer, soon to be maniac blogger; and chronic non-sleeper...
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love your store!


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